FBME Shareholders win legal battle against private investigators

26 June 2019

 We are pleased to announce that we have won our UK High Court battle against Nigel Brown, Alec Leighton and their respective investigation companies. The case, which concerned the investigators’ flagrant breach of express confidentiality, also went to the heart of the false allegations which have since been perpetuated by the media, based on affidavits drafted only to serve the investigators’ commercial aims.

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Update on ICC arbitration against the Republic of Cyprus

29 January 2019

On the 15th January 2019, by an Award communicated to the parties on the 29th January 2019, the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris ruled in favor of Cyprus by two arbitrators with a dissenting opinion by the third member of the Tribunal, in our arbitration proceedings against the Republic.

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Supreme Court upholds ruling that Central Bank of Cyprus was wrong to liquidate FBME Bank Ltd.

24 August 2018

The Supreme Court of Cyprus has unanimously dismissed an appeal by the Central Bank of Cyprus (“CBC”) and the Resolution Authority against an earlier court decision which ruled that the Central Bank was not legally justified when it attempted to liquidate FBME Bank Ltd registered in Tanzania.There has notably been very little press coverage of this decision, which is in keeping with the negative portrayal of FBME Bank Ltd in the media. We therefore wish to update depositors on this development and confirm that we are doing everything in our power to ensure the return of their deposits.

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Notice to FBME Clients and the Public

23 December 2017

Recently there have appeared in the press various wholly false and outrageous allegations against FBME Bank, which is owned by FBME Ltd. For example, we have recently been accused of banking Manafort and Gates, who have never had accounts at FBME and who are widely known to have accounts with Bank of Cyprus. The Bank believes these falsehoods have been deliberately generated by people with a commercial axe to grind against FBME. The timing of this egregious smear campaign started in earnest immediately following the final hearing of a Bilateral Investment Treaty arbitration in June 2017 between the Saab Brothers and the Republic of Cyprus at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, which we are currently awaiting the outcome of.

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News Update

14 December 2017

There have recently appeared online false allegations against FBME. We categorically deny the alleged wrongdoing. We are consulting with our lawyers.

For further detail please see our more comprehensive response to these allegations in our post below entitled ‘Announcement’.

Legal Floris LLC Warning

18 November 2017

It has come to our attention that a certain Mr. Floris Alexander, affiliated with a Cypriot company named Legal Floris LLC, has been advertising legal services on that company’s webpage relating to FBME Bank Ltd, claiming that they can help depositors recover their funds from the Bank.

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Legal Recourse Pursued

1 November 2017

 FBME Ltd and the Saab family are deeply disappointed by the D.C. Circuit’s denial of rehearing earlier today.  Although FBME Ltd. was quickly reinstated such that it always retained standing and ability to sue under the governing law of the Cayman Islands, its appeal has been dismissed and the merits have been left undecided.  The result now is the same as it has been in so many instances where FinCEN and the U.S. government have imposed the dreaded fifth special measure under Section 311 of the USA Patriot Act:  a foreign bank has been subjected to the death penalty and wiped out without getting its full and fair day in court.

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21 October 2017

During the last few months and, in particular as from June last, the smearing campaign against FBME and, consequently, against its ultimate beneficial owners Mr. Ayoub Farid Michel Saab and Mr. Fadi Michel Saab (both herein after referred to as the Saab brothers) intensified through publications in various newspapers and internet sites.

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FBME Ltd refutes fake news

7 July 2017

Recent articles published in both online press and local media make unsubstantiated and false claims alleging various wrongdoings by FBME. We, as FBME Ltd, totally refute the general sentiment of these articles as well as the specific accusations.

In the instances of claims being made with reference to third party audits, FBME Ltd would like to clarify, for the record, that all independent audits commissioned by the Bank or by Regulators completely exonerate the Bank of any general and/or specific wrong doings. Any claims to the contrary are deliberately misleading and intentionally false, with a clear aim of creating a false impression with both the public and official bodies.

We reserve our legal rights against these publications as well as against any entity that has illegally divulged confidential reports which are the property of the Bank. FBME Ltd will be taking all available legal actions against these publications who are publishing fake news. This fake news is unfortunately harmful to both the reputation of the Republic of Cyprus as well as to the Bank and its clients.